The Wordscript Runtime is responsible for:

  • Initializing a runtime instance from configuration
  • Loading plugins
  • Parsing one or more Wordscript files
  • Ensuring Wordscript is well-formed and valid
  • Coordinating plugins
  • Invoking actions
  • Running a script
  • Generating media
  • Publishing media
  • Deploying media


flowchart TD

a[Create Runtime] --> lp[Load Plugins]
lp --> b[Load Wordscript]
b --> v[Validate]
v --> rs[Run Script]
v --> c[Generate Media]

c --> d[slideshow]
c --> e[interactive speech]
c --> f[website]

d --> p[Package]
e --> p
f --> p

p--> preview[Preview]

p --> dep[Deploy]


A parsed wordscript returns a Script Fragment. This is simply a list of elements. Unlike other languages, text and attributes are standalone elements.

const fragment = parse("[[ hello ]] [[ world [[@ color:red; ]] ]]");

This fragment will contain the following elements

text ["hello"]
whitespace [" "]
text ["world", @[{color:"red"}] ]

Creating A Runtime

This method creates a runtime with a default configuration and includes standard plugins.

const runtime = await createWordscriptRuntime()

Adding Plugins

Most basic Wordscript runtime features rely on plugins. Several core plugins are included in the standardPlugins module.

  plugins: standardPlugins()

You can install your own plugins along with the standard plugins.

  plugins: [

Loading Wordscript

Once you create the runtime, you will want to load some Wordscript.

const runtime = await createWordscriptRuntime()
~~~~await runtime.load(myScript)

Loading a script will also validate it.

Playing Scripts

[coming soon]

Generating Media

After loading your script, you can generate media.

There are four primary media types: audio, video, print, and code.

Each media target can support multiple formats.

For example, the transcript plugin can generate HTML and Markdown transcripts.

Plugins define supported media targets in their manifest.

const targets = await runtime.getMediaTargets()

Media is created by specifying the desired media target and format.

await runtime.load(myWordscript)
const media = await runtime.generate('transcript','html')

Publishing And Deploying Media

Exporting, such as saving to a file, is considered publishing. Serving media over the internet is also publishing.

await runtime
flowchart TD

a[Generate Media] --> b[Publish Media]
b --> c[Local Storage]
b --> d[File System]
b --> e[Cloud Storage]
b --> f[Social Media]