Software Development Kit (SDK)

The Wordscript SDK contains tools to view, edit, parse, validate, and process Wordscript. It also includes tools for developing, testing, and publishing Wordscript plugins.

Please contact us to receive a beta version of the Wordscript SDK (Software Development Kit).

About Wordscript Development

Although Wordscript uses familiar concepts, its unique framework requires special handling. For instance, Multiple Wordscripts can be combined in ways not possible with other languages such as HTML.

One of the major differences between Wordscript and other languages is the concept that text and attributes are elements, and not additional constructs surrounding or part of elements. In Wordscript, attributes can be modified within the flow of text. And while in HTML text is a leaf node, in Wordscript elements can occur within text. This introduces the need for novel ways to navigate and consume the object model.

Another major difference is that Wordscript uses a concept called scope to reduce element nesting and increase reusability.

Finally, Wordscript is designed to be interactive, runnable, and generative. More on this later!

Wordscript tries to make the basic framework as simple as possible; This is accomplished in part by delegating almost all functionality to plugins.